Let’s talk FASCIA!

The medical field has recently become fascinated with learning about the human body’s Connective Tissue System, especially the fascia.

What makes fascia so fascia-nating? 

Well, connective tissue surrounds, intertwines, and connects all structures in the body. This tissue wraps around every bone, organ, muscle, nerve ending, tendon, ligament, and even blood vessels! When you directly improve the integrity of this fascial system, you start indirectly positively impacting other systems and aspects of the body.

Any person would benefit from training their connective tissue system. Until recently we have only been able to tap into this system using manual therapy techniques. MELT has taken those highly recognized and effective techniques to the masses by empowering individuals to be their own body worker. It brings self-care to a whole new level.

While the pain industry has eagerly been awaiting this missing piece in our personal care, it’s truly the athletic world that gains immediate benefits on multiple levels. MELT will reduce joint strain, decrease inflammation, and improve the integrity of the fascial system allowing for a more stable environment for the muscles to perform. In fact, MELT actually restores and rehydrates the body on a cellular level creating improvement where functioning begins in the body.

When you create a healthier and more stable environment for your muscles, bones, and organs, then you start to have improved training sessions and performance.

In fact, it won’t take long to see an improvement in the health of your body… some notice the change in one session! The connective tissue is what connects everything in the body. Improving the integrity of this tissue actually increases the efficiency of your body. That’s right! Instead of constantly training harder and faster you now have a way you train smarter.

This means you can increase how efficient the cells in your body are communicating on a molecular level. This is where your body will find its center of gravity faster and your brain can receive and communicate information with more clarity, effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in upgraded performance.

Take the 30-day MELT Challenge.

Incorporating just a few easy MELT techniques into your athletic training and recovery will be the game changer you’ve been looking for to give you the edge on your competition.

30-Day MELT Challenge to Improve Your Performance

  • Identify target key areas specific to your sport
  • Set 1-2 performance goals
  • Commit to MELTing 10 minutes a day
  • Keep a training diary to track your progress
  • Attend MELT Training at Back 2 Normal to maximize your results

ROTATIONAL SPORTS – tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, boxing, swimming
Increase your power by maximizing your rotation

  • Improve range of motion in spine, hips, ankles and upper body
  • Rehydrate your rib cage
  • Activate your core and lower body stabilization
  • Recover quicker and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness to decrease pain and injury risk

OVERHEAD SPORTS – tennis, volleyball, swimming, climbing, basketball
Decrease injury risk to your upper body by creating more efficient movement

  • Improve shoulder and hip stabilization
  • Learn to use the ground to generate power
  • Improve muscle recruitment and minimize compensations

ENDURANCE SPORTS – cycling, running, swimming, triathlons
Fuel your tank to go the distance by maximizing recovery

  • Rehydrate your cardiovascular system and lower body to prevent strains and maximize endurance
  • Recover quicker and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness to decrease pain and injury risk
  • Rebalance your body’s internal systems and improve your body’s optimal function

LOWER BODY SPORTS – running, cycling, soccer, basketball, skating
Maximize your power and speed by hydrating your lower body

  • Rehydrate the lower body and restore the body’s connective tissue to prevent injuries and maximize muscle efficiency
  • Train your muscles to react quicker by improving molecular communication and lower body stabilization
  • Improve joint function and range of motion in the hips, knees, ankles and feet

HIGH IMPACT SPORTS – football, jumping, running, crossfit, obstacle training
Train hard and recover smarter

  • Bring your body to the most ideal state for performance and minimize injury risk
  • Optimize recovery by stimulating healing systems in the body
  • Decrease muscle soreness between activities

Make the most of your fascia-nating fascia! Seek advisement with our athletic performance and recovery specialists, and let us guide you with the most effective practices. We offer a wellness-focused & supportive environment that can help you achieve your goals. Be sure to check our social media and blog updates for regular wellness inspiration, information, offers and support.

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