consider telehealth options

Your well-being is central to our purpose and our #1 priority. Feeling uncertain or anxious as to whether or not you will be able to come to the office for in-person care? We offer Telehealth appointments for our existing patients who may be traveling, ill, or self-quarantined, or just limited on time.

Continuing your plan of care, your overall wellness, and all the progress you’ve made is important – and we’re ready to support you. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with a virtual visit that is focused, efficient, and effective.

Here’s a sampling of some of what’s offered for virtual sessions:

  • Injury evaluation and management with a licensed physical therapist.
  • Personalized instruction on physical therapy home exercise instruction, progression, and modifications, self-treatment techniques, symptom management, progress, and goals.
  • Virtual online meditation/yoga, fitness, Pilates, nutrition, or wellness sessions.
  • Review of at-home activities that may be aggravating your symptoms.
  • Review of guidelines for how to do your favorite hobbies with good positioning (gardening, running, tennis, etc.).
  • Instruction on how to optimize the use of your equipment/props at home for building a new self-care habit/home exercise program.

home exercise programs

After your first physical therapy visit, your therapist will create a customized exercise program that will be available through a secure link. Here you can access your program, training logs and educational materials that your physical therapist has prescribed specifically for you and your condition. Click here to log in to your personalized program.

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