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welcome to Back 2 Normal

Welcome to Back 2 Normal. We are excited that you have chosen us as a partner for your injury management, performance enhancement and total wellbeing. At Back 2 Normal, healing for the body meets performance for life. Helping individuals recover from injury and maximizing performance has been my life’s work and passion. I created Back 2 Normal to make a difference in people’s lives by restoring hope, accelerating healing and fostering total body wellbeing.

More than 25 years of experience has taught me that many things can impact a person’s ability to recover and optimize their health. Taking time to find the true cause of an injury or illness, listening with intent, and collaborating with our team, the patient and other health professionals is what sets us apart. Outstanding customer service is our hallmark. Our team of experts are invested in you – and take pride in being your health and performance advocates.

We truly look forward to working with you, and we know you will enjoy your experience with us.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

-Maya Angelou


our mission and values

Our mission is to create relationships in a compassionate environment that fosters the health and wellbeing of patients, each other and our community. We aim to provide a personalized and holistic care approach that accelerates healing and pain relief, while promoting overall wellness. We collaborate with like-minded partners and support local businesses – and together, we get our patients “Back 2 Normal”.

Core Values


Promote health & wellness through education & service
Encourage, believe & inspire
Respect, teamwork & commitment
Achieve, grow & thrive
Peace, balance & love

a team with heart

We bring you a team of professionals that are at the top of their fields. We obtain the highest level of training and continuing education to stay current with trends in research, to provide the exceptional care that our patients deserve. We are invested in being your health and performance advocates, to help you achieve your goals.

Lisa Chase

PT, CFMM, OMPT, Astym Certified, Physical Therapist, Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialist

Anika Arevalo

PT, DPT, Physical Therapist & Pelvic Health Specialist

Kirsten Snellenburg

LMT, MPT, DPT, Physical Therapist, Vestibular and Visceral Specialist

Charlene Greene

Certified Stott Pilates Instructor & Movement Specialist

Ilene Gershberg

ACSM, FMS, Pilates Instructor & Performance Health Coach

Heather Cercone Politano

PTA, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, Client Services and Compliance Trainee

Jillian Warwick

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Robert King

LMT, Muscular & Structural Rehabilitation Specialist

Gail Oliver

Client Services & HR Coordinator

a unique approach

Whole body approach that gets results

Our primary goal is to detect the true cause of injury and pain, and offer quick and easy solutions that produce results. Unlike most physical therapy practices, we are committed to providing extensive one-on-one care, catering to each individual’s particular needs. We evaluate the whole person, while focusing on the area of injury, to achieve the ultimate goal of total body wellness. We deliver and excel in an approach that promotes healing, expedites recovery, maximizes performance, and accelerates pain relief.

A team with heart, commitment and expertise

Our area of expertise is physical therapy, performance enhancement and wellness. Our team of professionals are at the top of their profession. We obtain the highest level of training, and continue education to stay current with trends in research, in order to provide the exceptional care that our patients deserve. We are invested in being your health and performance advocates to help you achieve your goals.

Personalized care, convenience and service

We aim to provide a personalized, caring, holistic environment that offers private and individualize treatment with a strong commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to superior customer service and bring a team of experts under the same roof to offer convenience and continuity of care from rehabilitation to daily and sports performance.

Cutting edge treatments that empower the body to heal

We want to empower your body to heal by using the latest treatments and technologies. We promote a self-care approach and offer treatments and products that you can take home and use daily to speed recovery, prevent recurrence and enhance overall wellbeing. Back 2 Normal also offers many health, wellness, fitness and nutritional products to help you achieve optimal health and performance.

Nurturing yourself is not selfish –
it’s essential to your survival and your well-being

-Renee Peterson Trudeau


cutting edge therapy and technology

We want to empower your body to heal by using the most advanced therapies and products; several of which you can take home to help speed your recovery, accelerate pain relief and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Astym Regenerative Therapy

is a treatment using skilled application of instruments to initiate a regenerative process that encourages the reabsorption of scar tissue and the regeneration of damaged soft tissues.

BEMER Therapy

delivers a patented pulsed therapy that increases circulation in the body’s smallest blood vessels to allow for quicker healing and recovery, and optimized function of the body.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

uses photon energy that stimulates damaged cells and increases circulation to produce a cascade of healing responses in the body, improving cell function, reducing inflammation and eliminating pain.

Redox Signaling Technology

provides bioidentical redox messengers that are fundamental to cellular communication to ensure optimal performance and healing of all systems of the body.

Microcurrent Therapy

is an electrotherapy procedure that helps in restoring normal function of the body’s cells and tissues to speed healing.

VoxxLife Performance Technology

uses is a scientifically-proven Human Performance Technology (HPT) that naturally stimulates neuroreceptors in your body to reduce pain, improve reaction time, increase energy, strength, range of motion and balance.

our community connection

At Back 2 Normal, we believe in giving back to the community, and we are proud to have a strong presence in St Petersburg. We foster meaningful relationships with our partners and encourage supporting local businesses to help promote health and wellbeing for patients, each other, and our community. Owner & Operator, Lisa Chase works closely with the Deputy Mayor and city officials, St Pete Chamber, Greenhouse, and St Pete Run Fest to provide a wealth of information and resources to the community.



our clients

Creating long-lasting relationships in a compassionate environment that fosters the health and wellbeing of all of our clients.


healing for the body. performance for life