essential oil counseling

what to expect

Back 2 Normal offers several services incorporating essential oils including Health Coaching, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, AromaTherapy, Sports Performance Recovery and our Body Reset and Regeneration Program, Bemer and Performance for Life program.  We are environmentally conscious and use green-friendly products, with essential oils for cleaning and sanitizing our studio and equipment.

We offer wellness classes teaching you how to incorporate these essential oils into your daily routine to help enhance your health and home.

Bloom where you are planted

-The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales

what are essential oils?

Essential oils have been used throughout history by many different cultures as a holistic approach for countless health benefits. Essential oils are drawn from plants, roots, seeds, flowers and other botanicals. Imagine squeezing the juice from a lime, that liquid seeping from the rind is essential oil! Essential oils are ultra-concentrated and very powerful healing agents.

While available in most health food stores, not all essential oils are created equally. Many of them are contaminated in production or have chemical fragrances and other ingredients added to them. When contaminated, essential oils can be ineffective, inflammatory or even toxic.

why are these essential oils different?

They are ethically sourced and produced from plants grown in the regions where they thrive most. These essential oils can be taken aromatically, topically and even internally. The majority of essential oil producers will not suggest that you do anything but add fragrance to a room with their oils. Meanwhile, the essential oils we carry at Back 2 Normal offers oil blends good for household cleaning, dental hygiene, and many other health benefits.

Experience Essential Oils through Therapeutic Touch
AromaTouch is a technique using essential oils with specific patterns of touch and energy balancing applied to the body.  It is a great way to experience essential oils which helps restore homeostasis in the body, reduces inflammation, decreases stress and toxicity and restores hormonal balance. It is also simple to learn and easy to teach, meaning you can experience it a few times then share it and perform it with those around you.

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