in home gym assessment

what to expect

You may love to train in our studio and take advantage of our wonderful range of equipment and specially-designed fitness rooms, or you may also want the ability to train at home and continue to maximize your training potential and results. Our instructors are available to complete an In-Home Gym Assessment. This will help you identify how to best integrate skill sets from your studio sessions into the back-up training at your home gym seamlessly so your training can occur at the location of your choice

Your In-Home Gym Assessment will include a comprehensive program that works on muscular and cardiovascular strength, core control, balance and flexibility. To achieve the most thorough and comprehensive at-home program, we recommend the following services:

  • INITIAL 1-HOUR. SESSION: You will receive 1) A comprehensive review of your overall fitness goals 2) Hands-on instructions using your available gym equipment. The goal is to keep you injury-free and program appropriate for your cardiovascular and strength building goals by ensuring that your technique on your equipment is correct.
  • TWO 1-HOUR CARDIO/FITNESS TRAINING SESSIONS: Each session will include a different 30-min cardio and 30-min strength-building program. You will be able to alternate between these two-separate workouts, providing you with a wide variety of exercise options to use at home.
  • ONE 1-HOUR CORE/STRETCHING SESSION: This session will provide you with four to six appropriate level core-building exercises and a stretching routine to complete your comprehensive at-home fitness program.

**This package includes four 1-hour on-site sessions plus travel time.

We recommend that based on your frequency training in your gym that every two to three months you receive fitness training upgrades to maximize your fitness efforts. This additional investment will consist of no more than two 60-minute on-site sessions.

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