neufit electrical stimulation

the neufit system

A Neurological Approach for Faster Healing and High Performance 
NeuFit is an advanced electrical stimulation that helps identify and treat the origin of pain and re-sets faulty nerve signaling. It retrains the body to move without impairments or compensations, maximizes strength to improve performance, speeds recovery and reboots nervous system (bringing balance particularly to the autonomic nervous system) and manages chronic and acute pain.

  • Heal Faster – Reduce healing time by 30-70%
  • Get Fitter Faster – Accelerates progress in fitness by building muscles, burning fat in fewer workout sessions
  • Perform Better – Overcome plateaus in athletic performance. By targeting weak links in the nervous system, athletes can reach their full potential.
  • Reboot and Recover – Resets the nervous system similar to rebooting a computer so the body can regenerate and recover faster, sleep better and feel more energized
  • Move Better Without Pain – find the weak links in the neuromuscular system, reactivate muscles and reprogram poor movement patterns, support the body in healing and performing at its highest levels.

neubie: the ultimate in neuromuscular re-education

NEUBIE is NeuFit’s patent-pending electrical stimulation device. It is an acronym for “NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR,” and is FDA-cleared.* When the NEUBIE is combined with NeuFit protocols, the system provides for new methods of Neuromuscular Re-education. As we all know, the nervous system controls every muscle movement. If a movement dysfunction is contributing to your pain, keeping you injured, limiting your mobility, or robbing you of performance, then the NeuFit System may be able to help you.

what is it like?

Reduce Pain
With modern advances in science, we now know a lot more about pain than ever before. Pain is not actually experienced in the body, but in the brain. It is an active output signal from the brain, generated in response to perceived threat – not necessarily damage. And it is an attempt to make you change your behavior to move away from a threat. Sometimes it is acute pain because of a real injury. However, sometimes pain lingers even after an injury has healed on its own or been surgically repaired. Or it happens for other reasons, independent of any actual injury or damage. Along with the NEUBIE’s ability to manage acute and chronic pain, the NeuFit System can help get to the root of where the pain is coming from.

Improve Performance
Athletic Performance is very dependent on the nervous system. Above all else, your brain prioritizes survival and wants to be sure you live to see tomorrow. That often means “putting on the brakes,” and limiting your performance to ensure that you don’t get injured and threaten survival. What does this actually mean? It means that targeted, neurological interventions can make a difference. In the NeuFit System, we use strategic mobility drills, neurological re-education with the NEUBIE, large doses of eccentric movement to train the muscles to become more pliable and absorb force, and other unique exercises and techniques that amplify your ability to perform at a high level.

Injury Rehabilitation
Many athletic injuries happen because of poor neuromuscular control, meaning deficits in strength and coordination. The body encounters force in every moment, with every move it makes. And the muscles have to be pliable enough to absorb that force and protect the rest of the body. If your muscles are working correctly, they can protect you from injury in most cases. However, when muscles don’t absorb force correctly, that force is transferred to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc. and may cause damage to those tissues. Since those muscles are controlled by your nervous system, we know that ultimately these injuries come back to inappropriate neurological activation patterns. Using the NEUBIE, we can provide an effective method of re-education, which helps optimize the function of the appropriate muscles. Coupled with the NEUBIE’s ability to increase blood flow and other techniques in the NeuFit System, symptoms are often resolved more quickly than they otherwise would.

We provide a safe environment, so you can push beyond your comfort zone.

Technology enhances natural processes, it doesn’t replace them.

The Nervous System is paramount.

We provide a safe environment, so you can push beyond your comfort zone.
Traditional training and rehabilitation often do not achieve results. We stimulate the body to adapt, so that it can make lasting improvements.

Technology enhances natural processes, it doesn’t replace them.
We use technology to help the body become more efficient with its own processes. With the right signals, your body has the opportunity to heal itself from injury, build muscle, and create optimal health.

The Nervous System is paramount.
The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work neurologically, you can change everything else for the better – and do it much faster.

healing for the body.
performance for life