As a Certified Pilates instructor at Back 2 Normal, the question I am asked most is, what is Pilates? A simple answer is the Pilates is a method that focuses on core stabilization, but it is so much more than that. If you are new to exercise, a high-level athlete, or recovering from injury, Pilates can help you build a foundation in your body that can improve your quality of movement in everything you do. Once you can access and control the stabilizing muscles of your body, you can get out of pain, take compression off of your joints, improve your posture, and get back to the activities you love. 

Pilates Principles 

Breathing: The breath is the foundation of every movement in our life. In Pilates, you will learn to use the breath to connect the mind and body and get the most out of every exercise. 

Concentration: Pilates teaches concentration to achieve the form and purpose of every movement to prevent injury and maximize performance. 

Control: Pilates uses control to maintain form and alignment. 

Centering: Pilates develops movement from the inside out. This foundation produces a strong, stable, and flexible core. 

Benefits of Pilates 

– Improved flexibility 

– Strength that is balanced in the front and back of the body

– Improved posture

– Improved balance and coordination

– Improved circulation and lung capacity

– Decreased stress 

At Back 2 Normal, we offer Pilates that includes a certified instructor with a background in Physical therapy that has a complete understanding of the body and your goals. We use the principles of Pilates to create a foundation in your body that you can apply to your movement if you are bending over to pick something up off the floor or participating in high-level athletics. 

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Contributing Author: Heather Politano, PTA, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor, Client Services and Compliance Trainee

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