How many of you are tired of going to the gym and not seeing the strength gains you want? The frustration sets in as you’ve been putting in the work, lifting heavy weight or doing a ton of reps but you still can’t see the turnover of your gym sessions into the sport you like to play whether that be tennis, running, or cycling. Well, let us introduce you to the NeuFit Technology that is changing the world of athletic performance.

NeuFit is an advanced electrical stimulation that uses direct current to help identify and treat the origin of pain and reset the neurological signals that are dysfunctional. By reprogramming these faulty neurological signals, you can move with less pain and compensation. The NeuFit also can be used to maximize strength to improve performance, speed recovery & reboot the nervous system.

But how does the NeuFit specifically help with athletic performance and strength? With the Neubie you can recruit more muscle fibers to allow you to strengthen in less time with lower load, therefore decreasing risk of injury. The Neubie was designed with different frequencies to allow you to train all types of muscle fibers in one workout. Not only can you train one type of muscle fiber but you can be specific to the muscle you want to train. For example, most distance runners are weak in their glutes, specifically glute medius. What if you could specifically train the slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers in that muscle in one workout to give you more power, speed, and endurance? This is where the Neubie really shines. You are able to do the same exercises you would do in the gym but less weight and still feel as sore as if you lifted your normal weight. You are doing all of this while recruiting even more muscle fibers and in turn increasing your strength gains in a shorter amount of time.  What a great way to maximize training time!

Another aspect of performing at your best means the proper rest and recovery to let your body heal and prepare for your next training session. The Neubie can also help bring your autonomic system into balance to improve sleep, promote muscle and neurological relaxation, improve digestion, and decrease anxiety. This is key in between workouts to prevent injury and overtraining!

Most of you are probably asking what is the science behind this technology? Well let’s break it down this way. The Neubie uses patented technology to pinpoint dysfunctional neurological signals and uses neurological reeducation to reprogram those signals. What is the explanation behind this phenomenon? All of your muscles are controlled by your nervous system. Your nervous system is what signals your muscles to be tight vs. relaxed, strong vs. weak. You can lift heavy weights all day but if you have dysfunctional neurological signals traveling to that muscle from being inhibited too long or possibly due to an injury, it will be very hard to get the strength gains you want. You have to clear up the neurological signal to that muscle to get the max output.

If you want to know more or want to come in to try a NeuFit strength training session on the Neubie give us a call!

Contributing Author: Anika Arevalo, PT, DPT, Physical Therapist & Pelvic Health Specialist.

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