There are many conditions and reasons a person can have pain in their bones or joints. If you have joint pain that has just begun or something that has been bothering you for years, do not suffer anymore.  Physical therapy can offer pain relief and preventive care for your joints and bones.

  1. Often the pain felt in joints or bones is related to what is happening to the soft tissue like muscle and tendons that surround the joint and bone. One Therapy approach to treat these soft tissues is Astym Therapy. Astym uses specialized instruments and very specific strokes to reabsorb scar tissue back into the body, which can be restricting range of motion and causing pain. Astym will also regenerate healthy soft tissues to keep the pain from coming back.
  1. Another issue that often contributes to bone and joint pain is inflammation. Whether the inflammation in the joints is caused by arthritis, injury or another condition, it can be painful and restricting. At Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy, we use a technology called deep tissue laser to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and jump-start the healing process in the body. Deep tissue laser uses a process called photobiomodulation to interact with the mitochondria. During this therapy, photons enter the tissue and trigger cellular metabolism to reduce inflammation without the side effects you may get from medications. The best part is this therapy is fast and can treat a recent injury or something you have been battling with for years.
  1. Sometimes the pain we are feeling in our bones or joints is not coming from the joints or the soft tissue, it is caused by a movement dysfunction that is managed by our nervous system. Our brain is responsible for every movement in our body and sometimes needs therapy too. In this case, at Back 2 Normal, we use a therapy called Neubie to re-educate the body and nervous system. Neubie stands for Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator. This pulsed direct current is used to retrain the brain to resolve a movement pattern that may be causing your pain, restricting range of motion and inhibiting your ability to heal completely.

If you have pain in your joints or bones caused by soft tissue, inflammation or movement dysfunction know that there is a therapy out there that can help. You do not have to live in pain!

Contributing Author: Heather Politano, PTA and Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

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