Did you know that yoga can be a great compliment to your training routine?

Yoga is a great tool to use before, during, and after a run. Before a run to lengthen and engage the muscles, deepen the breath, and prepare and calm the mind. During a run to maintain a deep and fluid breathing pattern and focused mindset. And after a run to calm the nervous system, stretch the body and recover.

Taking even a few yoga postures pre- and post-run, and especially on your recovery days, can prevent injury and allow you to run for longer without pain.

2 great yoga poses to take pre- and post-run or on recovery days are:

  1. Butterfly Pose: Butterfly is a hip flexor opener done seated with a tall spine and the soles of the feet together. Hands can grasp ankles or shins to keep you aligned and upright. You can gently hinge at the hips and press your forearms into your thighs to deepen the stretch, making sure to keep a flat back and extended form. Breath into the posture and allow the hip flexors to soften and release, imagine sending your exhale to any places of resistance or tightness.
  2. Reclined Figure Four: The Figure Four is a hip opener, also known as upside down Pigeon Pose. Lying with your back flat on the floor, begin by bending both knees and have your feet flat on the floor. Slowly cross the right ankle across the left thigh, making sure to avoid putting pressure on the joints by placing the ankle slightly under the knee and slightly past the thigh. If this is enough of a stretch, hold here and breath. Only if you need more will you begin to grab behind your left thigh and slowly begin to bring the thighs in towards the chest. Making sure to use the strength of the arms to pull in instead of straining in the neck and shoulders. Make sure the head and neck remain soft and relaxed. Breath into the posture, sending the exhale to any places of resistance or tightness. Repeat on the opposite side and notice if you have a more resistant, or tighter, side. If so, spend about %50 more time on the tighter side – creating balance in the body!

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