Next Level Nutrition: The Diet for You

We regularly hear about a new diet trend or the latest and greatest fast track to getting healthy, losing weight or reversing whatever ails us. We’re promised quick and easy results, often accompanied by some magic pill (or several).

But if such solutions exist and are effective, why do we continue to search for the next best thing?

The hard truth is – there is no one-size-fits-all diet plan, and the path to optimal health and longevity is not linear.

Personalized nutrition is the key to holistic healing.

We are all unique, and our health solutions need to reflect our bio-individuality. There are foundational basics that are true across the board (dehydration is bad), but we do have to remember things vary, person to person. I may need more calcium than you do. Your sister may tolerate carbs better than you do. Taking control of your health requires a willingness to investigate your bio-individuality and root causes and then adjust your course to find the best plan for you. It also requires patience and consistency.

Personalized nutrition looks different for everyone, but some general factors to consider include your age, physiological status, personal preferences and lifestyle. Do you have some health concerns? Are you hoping to start a family? Does kale make you happy or sad? Do you feel bloated or stiff after eating dairy?

It’s crucial to work with a qualified, experienced professional who can dig into these questions and provide flexible, individualized care based on your specific needs. Lab data and tests may also help evaluate specific health markers and can often help in formulating a plan to better support what your body needs to function optimally.

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Contributing Author: Jillian Warwick, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

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