Healthy Gameday Grub

These easy, healthy snack recipes are guaranteed to be a hit at your gameday gathering, and best of all, they won’t give you a food hangover the next day. Now that’s definitely a win!

Buffalo Chicken Dip
The granddaddy of all dips, this buffalo chicken dip is always a crowd-pleaser because of its versatility. Eat it with veggies, spread it on gluten-free crackers, or just scoop it up with a spoon. Make this recipe even faster by using leftover or pre-cooked chicken.

Chili Cheese Dip
This creamy dip is a delicious way to combine two gameday classics: chili and cheese. Instead of orange processed cheese, this dip uses goat cheese which is a healthier option and much easier to digest. Make the chili in a crockpot so it cooks throughout the day, and then you can whip up this snack in minutes.

Dill Cucumber Yogurt Dip
This simple yogurt-based dip is the perfect way to spice up chopped veggies or gluten-free pita chips. The lemon juice and cucumbers provide just the right tang, while fresh dill provides a nice kick. It’s easy on the palate but full of flavor, too.

5-Ingredient Healthy Potato Skins
Potato skins are always a popular appetizer but they can be stuffed with questionable ingredients – but that’s not the case with these. They’re packed with chicken, broccoli, turkey bacon, and cheese, so you’ll get a dose of protein and antioxidants, too.

Irish Potato Bites
These fun Irish potato bites are a play on traditional potato skins. Using small red potatoes means they’re truly bite-sized. These would also make an excellent St. Patrick’s Day appetizer as well.

Mexican Quinoa Bites
This vegetarian-friendly snack is as filling as it is tasty. Quinoa, which is full of protein and one of the few non-animal foods that contain all nine essential amino acids, is the star of these Mexican-inspired bites.

Superfood Enchilada Dip 
All the flavors of enchiladas in an easy-to-eat dip form? Yes, please! This dip is made with sweet potatoes, beans, lean ground beef, and avocado. You could easily make this vegetarian by omitting the beef and bulking up the sweet potato and bean content.

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