voxxLife human performance technology

is a scientifically-proven and a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation technology on the bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aids in the brainstem reaching homeostasis. The VOXX HPT pattern is woven or molded into different iterations of products including hosiery and footwear accessories.

The documented results and benefits include:

  • Reduce pain – proven to be 94% effective in helping reduce relieving foot pain, especially peripheral diabetic neuropathy
  • Physical Mobility/Quality of Life – increases stability, balance, reaction time, posture and range of motion. This leads to more active lifestyle and reduced fall risk for seniors.
  • Increased energy and endurance – independent studies showed 100% of individual using VOXX HPT products reported an increase in energy levels.
  • Exercise and Sports Performance  clinical results show:
    • 31% improved balance and stability
    • 15 degrees more range of motion
    • 17% more eccentric and velocity of force
    • 22% more power

healing for the body.
performance for life