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As part of our commitment to the community, Back 2 Normal is pleased to extend the following special discounts & offers to participants of St. Pete Run Fest.

Back 2 Normal delivers and excels in a whole-body approach that promotes healing, expedites recovery, maximizes performance, and accelerates pain relief. Their primary goal is to detect the true cause of injuries and pain, and promote total body balance and overall wellness. Back 2 Normal’s team of experts are invested in being your health and performance advocates.

Back 2 Normal is a sponsor for the St. Pete Run Fest event and spearheads a unique experience, the beresponsible™ Recovery Zone, led by Founder & Owner Lisa Chase and her highly skilled and experienced team. The Recovery Zone includes the latest in technology and treatments to ensure race participants quicker, more effective post-race recovery.

discounts & offers

Back 2 Normal utilizes NeuFit technology to retrain the body to move without compensations, maximize strength to improve performance, speed recovery, and reboot your nervous system to support your body in healing and performing at its best. Check out our Youtube channel to learn more about this cutting-edge technology. Receive $25 OFF your first Neubie session! Call 727-362-6866 to schedule your one-on-one Neubie Exploration Session.

Purchase any Recovery Service and get a Bemer, Biomat/BioAcoustic Therapy, or Normatec Boot session for FREE!

NormaTec Boot

NormaTec gives a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. NormaTec’s patented Sequential Pulse Technology sets it apart from any other massage compression device by synergistically combining three distinct massage techniques – Pulsing, Gradient Hold, and Distal Release – to speed the body’s recovery process.


Back 2 Normal offers BEMER’s cutting-edge technology, to facilitate quicker healing and recovery, and optimized function of the body. BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) to deliver specific pulsed therapy that increases circulation in the body’s smallest blood vessels, which make up about 75% of our circulatory system. Increased circulation to the cells helps oxygen and nutrients be delivered more readily and enhances disposal of cellular waste.

Biomat/BioAcoustic Therapy

The Biomat combined with BioAcoustic therapy is a revolutionary pairing that provides infrared heat, negative ions, and sound therapy all in one. This combination delivers deep physical cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles, and joints. Benefits include relief from muscle and joint pains, stiffness, spasms, and strains, and enhances circulation and muscle relaxation. The BioAcoustic waves stimulate the nerves in the spine, brain stem, and limbic system that drives emotional response, and activate the auditory nerves that connect to your muscle tissue, and the low-frequency bass causes the muscle tissue to be at ease.

Back 2 Normal offers a wellness-focused & supportive environment that can help you achieve your goals. Schedule your FREE 15-Minute Sports Nutrition Consult with our Integrative Functional Nutritionist here.

Don’t let injuries get in the way of your training! At Back 2 Normal believes that treating the whole person, while identifying the true cause of injury and pain, promotes the ultimate goal of total body wellbeing. We excel at one-on-one care through skilled hands-on advanced therapies that promote healing, expedite recovery, accelerate pain relief, maximize function and get quick results. Receive $25 OFF your initial Physical Therapy Evaluation! Let us keep you in the game! Call 727-362-6866 for scheduling availability & pricing.

Pilates is a method of exercise that incorporates intentional, focused and flowing movements, core control, spinal mobility, alignment, and breathing. Back 2 Normal Instructors use a variety of Pilates apparatuses to provide assistance or resistance, allowing patients to move through a greater range of motion with ease and control. We incorporate Pilates into our rehabilitation for injury recovery, athletic performance, and wellness programs to enhance performance and fitness. Receive $10 OFF your specialized Pilates for Runners session! Call 727-362-6866 for scheduling availability & pricing.

$10 Off Recovery Stretching for Runners

Back 2 Normal is not a traditional physical therapy studio. Our sessions focus on a one-on-one restorative approach that uses advanced techniques and therapies to help improve recovery, decrease pain and restore balance. . Receive $10 OFF your customized, one-on-one Recovery Stretching for Runners session! Call 727-362-6866 for scheduling availability.

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