In 2015, Back 2 Normal launched our beresponsible™ campaign. The focus of the campaign is to remind our clients, the community, and ourselves that we are responsible for our bodies’ well-being and our healthcare. As part of the campaign, we also share beresponsible™ spotlights, to highlight clients who have done an excellent job being responsible for their health, recovery, fitness or otherwise overall wellness.

The beresponsible™ campaign is still going strong and we’d like to kick off the New Year by sharing tips & strategies to help you maintain your wellness resolutions & goals 24/7/365.

Most of us spend much of our waking hours at work. This is the perfect environment to create a place of support – but first, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and be open (and vocal) about your wellness resolutions. Trying to lose weight? Suggest an office challenge. Trying to be more active? Incorporate walking meetings amongst your colleagues.

Health challenges are available everywhere – especially at the beginning of the year! Take advantage of “start over season” and take part in (or create!) a wellness challenge. Structure a points system for making healthy decisions, like getting adequate sleep and completing workouts. Then, equate the points into prizes. For inspiration or opportunities, check out your gym, office, or even social media. There’s support and competition to be had everywhere.

An activity or fitness tracker is one of the best ways to stay focused and accountable. Many of these devices track a variety of factors associated with healthy lifestyle choices, and can monitor steps taken, floors ascended, activity patterns, heart rate, sleep quality and more. Wearables allow you to have a constant reminder of your resolutions with you at all times.

No two homelifes are alike, but there are many ways to integrate willpower and accountability into your home. Kick-off a contest, or even ask your housemates to (lovingly) remind you of your resolutions. Live alone? Create a vision board or place reminders of your resolutions around your home. For example, if you’re trying to get more active, place a yoga mat on your floor and leave it there! It will serve as a daily visual reminder, and provide a no-excuses space to move your body.

Many of our clients report that the key to them being responsible was working with the Back 2 Normal team. We offer an array of services including physical therapy, injury management, Pilates, health coaching, nutritional therapy, massage, and more. Most importantly, we offer a wellness-focused and supportive environment that can help you achieve your goals. Join the beresponsible™ movement, and be sure to check our social media and blog updates for regular wellness inspiration, information, and support.

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