rehab links home exercise software

Rehab Links was developed by Mark Bookhout and Lisa Chase, with the goal to create a system that helps therapists link manual therapy treatments with a client specific individualized home exercise program that results in improved clinical outcomes.

for professionals

Who would benefit: physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, physicians and fitness professionals

What it is: Rehab links is a unique, web-based health and fitness exercise software program that provides an extensive library of state of the art exercises that can be accessed by patients on their phones or computers for easy access. To learn more and request a demo visit

for patients

At Back 2 Normal our therapists want to give you the tools you need to maximize your results. Each client will receive a customize program following their first session and secure link to their program. This system is user-friendly and gives clients the freedom to access their home exercise programs anywhere in the world, from an Ipad, computer or smartphone. This allows patients to take their exercise on the go, at the gym, home or when traveling.


Lisa Chase treats Lindsay Davenport at the Wimbledon Championship Final

Lisa Chase treats Venus Williams

Lisa Chase treats Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open

what our clients have to say

“I love using Rehab Links, it fits my busy travel schedule very well with such easy access from my smartphone. It’s great at keeping me focused and on track, as well as ensures I am doing my exercises correctly. The program excels at helping me achieve my own recovery, fits my active lifestyle and improves my golf game too!”

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