Rehab Links offers your clients the freedom to access their customized home exercise program anywhere in the world.

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Rehab Links makes it easy Rehab Links is a unique, web-based health and fitness software program for the pro-active health care provider of manual therapy and exercise or fitness professional who wants to interact with their clients and provide them with a state of the art home exercise program. Over 5000 exercises, extensive educational tools plus the Bookhout/Chase Module | Ability to add your own photos, videos, exercises, protocols | Links to EMR and your website
Empower your clients Rehab Links is a user-friendly system that gives your clients the freedom to access their home exercise program anywhere in the world; whether on their I Pad, computer or smart phone, their exercises are only a click away. Efficient | Improves Communication | Improves Exercise Compliance
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Mark Bookhout
Mark Bookhout
Lisa Chase
Lisa Chase
Mark Bookhout and Lisa Chase are internationally recognized physical therapists, educators, lecturers and published authors who have come together to create Rehab Links. Their goal is to create a system that helps users link manual therapy treatments with a client specific individualized home exercise program that results in improved clinical outcomes.
Rehab Links:  An Integrated Approach to Manual Therapy and Exercise Course
This 2-3 day program was developed in 1992 by Mark Bookhout and is based upon the work of Vladimir Janda. In 2003 Lisa Chase joined Mark to further develop and expand the course now known as Rehab Links: An Integrated Approach to Manual Therapy and Exercise.   This unique course is designed to complement the muscle energy biomechanical model.  The exercises taught assist the participant in developing an individualized exercise program based upon the patient’s biomechanical findings and helps to maintain the changes made with manual therapy treatment. Rehab Links Exercise Software program complements what is taught in this course and will change how you interact with your client as well as improve patient compliance with their home exercise program.
TESTIMONIALS “This course changed the way I will  approach each and every patient�?
“A must course for practitioners of   musculoskeletal medicine of any kind.   You will add to your knowledge base   and improve your practice and more   importantly, your patients.�?
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