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At Back 2 Normal we want to empower your body to heal by using the most cutting-edge therapies and products. Our therapists will combine manual medicine methods coupled with appropriate interventions that help stimulate the body to perform at its best. 

VoxxLife Human Performance Technology

VoxxLife Human Performance Technology is a scientifically-proven and a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation technology on the bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aids in the brainstem reaching homeostasis.


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy 

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses photon energy to stimulate damaged cells and increase circulation to produce a cascade of healing responses in the body, improving cell function, reducing inflammation and eliminating pain.


SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR Therapy is a unique form of electrotherapy that uses active reflex biofeedback to communicate with the nervous system enabling an interaction between the device and the body to stimulate its own, natural healing mechanisms.


BEMER Therapy

BEMER Therapy delivers a patented pulsed therapy that increases circulation in the body’s smallest blood vessels to allow for quicker healing and recovery, and optimized function of the body.


Cell Signaling Technology

Cell Signaling Technology provides bioidentical redox messengers that are fundamental to cellular communication to ensure optimal performance and healing of all systems of the body.


Bertec™ Concussion Balance Testing

Bertec™ Concussion Balance Testing (COBALT) is a balance test and management system for athletes and individuals suffering from concussion, vestibular and balance dysfunction. COLBALT can also be used for pre-season baseline testing in athletes and sensitivity to changes in performance.


NeuFit Electrical Stimulation

NeuFit is an advanced electrical stimulation that helps identify and treat the origin of pain and re-sets faulty nerve signaling. It retrains the body to move without compensations, maximizes strength to improve performance, speeds recovery, reboots the nervous system and manages chronic and acute pain.


healing for the body. performance for life