Cristiane Machado

LMT, Massage Therapist

Cristiane Machado is Brazilian by birth, and a citizen of The Universe by default. She moved to the U.S. in July of 1999, and settled in St. Petersburg in June of 2014.

Cristiane graduated from The Florida School of Massage in May 2004. Her knowledge, experiences and studies of the physical body and how it is affected by everyday living and stressors, has opened her curiosity to the subtle ways in which the body communicates discomfort, pain and dis-ease. Having studied Reiki and Johrei (energy work) since she was 13 years old, Cristiane is inspired by the understanding of how energy plays a huge role in our daily lives, and she loves to share her understanding – making it universally accessible and demystified. Cristiane’s intention with her craft as a bodyworker is to simplify and clarify the communication between our physical bodies, our minds and our emotions.

Cristiane incorporates many modalities into her practice, including movement with Zumba® and yoga. Cristiane has toured the Globe teaching Zumba® Master Classes and hosting yoga and Zumba® retreats. Cristiane believes that EVERY body was designed to move.

healing for the body.
performance for life