Welcome to Back 2 Normal’s First #TransformationTuesday featuring our Performance for Life Program client, Roberta.

09/09/14 5:06 pm

Roberta first came to Back 2 Normal and met with owner Lisa Chase to discuss her lifestyle and wellness goals. Robert is an avid dancer and wanted to improve her overall fitness level and prevent injuries. She was looking for an easy to manage program that would get her results.

During her time at Back 2 Normal she was partnered with Performance Coach, Christie Bruner. Impressed with Christie’s creative programming and bubbly personality, Roberta signed on for our full 10-Week Performance for Life Transformation program. She worked with Christie doing strength work, circuit training and cardio. Check out her amazing transformation:


Impressive, right?!
We are so excited for Roberta and are so glad we could help with her transformation. But there are so many personal trainers, fitness programs, gyms and diets out there, why was Roberta so successful with our Performance for Life Program?

She had a team of experts by her side! We created an customized and balanced program for Roberta that included performance coaching, MELT training and attended a variety of our free wellness classes. Using the MELT Method helped Roberta speed recovery and connect with her body to enhance her training, recovery and results. Our Wellness classes, taught by our team members of various expertise, covered things like essential oil use, healthy, quick snacking and more.

She had access to unique, hard-to-find training options. During her program, Roberta spent a lot of time on the ElliptiGO. The ElliptiGO is a piece of equipment similar to an elliptical that can be ridden outside or stationary. The ElliptiGO is great because it mimics running better than any other form of cardio, without the stress on your joints. It also puts you in an upright posture, which helps with core strength and stability. This ElliptiGO training is just one of the unique things that Back 2 Normal offers and that Performance for Life clients have access to.

She took ownership of her own journey! While the Back 2 Normal team works hard for each of our clients, they all work 10 times harder for themselves! Our motto is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” Roberta was committed to her weekly sessions, stayed accountable to at-home work and found joy in her journey. Transformation is not something that ends at 10 weeks, it must become a lifestyle. Our team was only a kick-starter and it was Roberta’s hard work and dedication that brought her amazing results.

Congratulations again Roberta! You are an inspiration!

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