Emma De Groot

02/11/15 4:11 pm
“After suffering an almost career ending car accident in 2011, I thought I had tried everything and everyone to get my body, especially my back to a place where I could compete at the highest level. At the time I played on the Symetra Tour (the secondary tour to the LPGA) and my physical limitations saw it difficult for me to maintain any sort of form as I was constantly injured and withdrawing from events.

After being referred to Lisa by a fellow professional, I saw almost immediate results. Lisa saw potential in my abilities and knew funding at my level was difficult so offered to sponsor my treatments and workout regimes. After two years of working with Lisa and the team at “Back 2 Normal” I achieved my goal of playing against the best players in the world on the LPGA tour.

I know I would not be where I am today without the generous support of Lisa. Her positivity and commitment to my improvement is something I had not experienced before and something that I will be forever grateful for.”

-Emma De Groot, Professional Golfer on LPGA Tour