Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a physical, mental and life practice designed for long term self-liberation. Yoga practice moves you towards increased balance, control of the physical body and breath, flexibility, alignment, mental clarity and stillness as well as decreased stress and imbalances. In yoga we are looking to challenge the body and mind appropriately to avoid new or magnified injury, reactiveness and/or compensation.

At Back 2 Normal our yoga philosophy is centered around self-care, balance and mindfulness. Self-care is a multifaceted system of tools, uniquely applied to each individual, which move us in the direction of growth, compassion, an uplifted sense of wellbeing and improved life management skills. Back 2 Normal currently offers one on one sessions & small group classes in yoga and meditation. Key components of every class are breath work, challenge and growth, form before depth, balance, checking in, flexibility, strengthening and mindfulness.

Style Descriptions

Restorative Yoga
Strengthen and Stabilize / Classic Yoga
Power Yoga
Meditation / Relaxation

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increased flexibilityLoosening up the core muscles
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • The maintenance of a balanced metabolism
  • Weight reduction
  • Cardio and circulatory health
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Protection and recovery from injury
  • Decrease stress

Benefits of Meditation

  • Lowers high blood pressureYoga
  • Lowers the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks
  • Decreases any tension-related pain, such as, tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems
  • Increases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior
  • Improves the immune system
  • Increases the energy level
  • Decreases cortisol levels
  • Promotes healing of the body
  • Eases anxiety/depression and improves emotional stability
  • Gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation

Who Would Benefit

Anyone can participate in yoga or meditation. Yoga is for the individual who is ready and willing to move towards a balanced lifestyle. No age limits apply and all body types are welcome. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, an athlete or just starting to get active, there is a practice that is right for you. We welcome and encourage you to come in to each class with a fresh pair of eyes and an open heart. No prior yoga experience required.