Pilates is a method of exercise that incorporates intentional, focused and flowing movements, correct spinal and pelvic alignment with emphasis on and proper breathing. Each Pilate’s session is specifically tailored to suite the clients needs and interests.

Back 2 Normal offers individual Pilates sessions and custom packages. We incorporate Pilates into our rehabilitation for injury recovery and wellness programs to enhance performance and fitness.

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What are the benefits of Pilates?
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The Balanced Body® CoreAlign is an apparatus designed uniquely to encourage standing postures and movements that helps to improve the mind body connection through functional movements and deep stretching postures to help overall body strength, stability, core-controlled aerobic training, balances muscles after injury and improves physical performance. The challenge of these movements are created through resistance tubing that can vary from very light to heavy, thus creating a full spectrum of movements to challenge clients of all levels.

This revolutionary equipment is in addition to our Pilates studio repertoire to help create variety and a new added challenge to your Pilates and functional training workout.

Meet our Pilates Team


Charlene Greene, Certified Pilates Instructor, is STOTT PILATES trained. Over the past 10 years Charlene has worked closely with chiropractors and Physical Therapists and has found a niche in helping clients realign their bodies after injury, surgery and child birth. By treating each client individually sessions are planned to help strengthen and improve the clients body. She believes that everyone can benefit from Pilates and through her enthusiasm for the practice she aids her clients in becoming more aligned and out of pain. To learn more about Charlene click here.

Ilene Gershberg, Certified Pilates Instructor, is ACSM Pilates trained. Ilene is a nationally certified personal trainer, corporate wellness consultant, fitness author, professional speaker, and has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for more than 20 years. Ilene has collaborated and worked with physical therapists for nearly a decade to help clients’ transition from rehabilitation and back to fitness and is committed to continuing that mission at Back 2 Normal. To learn more about Ilene click here.

Lisa Chase, PT, OMPT is Polestar Pilates Trained with an emphasis of rehabilitation and injury recovery. As a movement expert she blends her 20+ years of experience with hands on physical therapy, innovative rehabilitation techniques to get her clients out of pain and Back 2 Normal as quickly and safely as possible. To learn more about Lisa click here.

How can I start?

Contact Back 2 Normal at (727) 362-6866 to schedule your first session. If you are looking for a whole-body transformation, check out our Performance for Life 10-Week Transformation program, which incorporates Pilates training.