Performance For Life

Performance For Life

What is Performance For Life? A 10-Week Transformation

A comprehensive 10-week transformation program utilizing a team of experts to help guide you through customized strength and conditioning training, dietary and lifestyle coaching, injury prevention and recovery. Program includes:

  • Customized strength/core training and cardiovascular elements using the revolutionary ElliptiGO
  • Holistic approach to help you restore balance in your body to help you feel and perform your best
  • Injury Risk Assessment to identify movement patterns that may limit your performance and teach you strategies to lessen your injury risk
  • Learn MELT, a self-care technique to help decrease pain, inflammation, accumulated stress and improve recovery, function and sports performance
  • Collaborates with local businesses to bring you great discounts, health talks, education and more

Who Would Benefit:

The PERFORMANCE FOR LIFE program is the perfect place to start your health and body transformation. It is a program for anyone committed to making a change, no matter where they are in life.

  • Those looking to accelerate weight loss or who just want to get fit
  • New or busy moms who want to get back into pre-pregnancy shape
  • Those who are recently retired and looking to make a healthy change in life to help maintain an active lifestyle
  • Athletes looking for the competitive edge or wanting to prevent injuries
  • Athletes who have an upcoming race to train for and are looking for some additional guidance

What You Will Gain:

  • This impressive 10-week plan will help you look better, feel better, and increase your energy levels
  • You’ll lose body fat and inches, gain lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism and decrease inflammation
  • Most importantly, you’ll gain an understanding of food, exercise and lifestyle choices that can be implemented and sustained for long-term health and wellness

We want to be part of your team, so come experience the difference and let us teach you the secrets to improving your Performance for Life.

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Customized Packages available to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.


3-5 individuals

Have friends who’d like to join you or enjoy exercising in groups? Call us to discuss group packages or join a group and meet new friends.


Prefer one on one attention? Let us help you design an individual program.

Packages include:

Integrative Health Coaching
Performance Coaching & ElliptiGO Training
Recovery & Injury Prevention
Mental Health & Stress Management
Health Talks & Interactive Sessions
Health & Wellness Discounts

Call us now and get started on your transformation today: 727-362-6866