ElliptiGO Training

ElliptiGO Training

Back 2 Normal offers ElliptiGO training combining the best of running, cycling, and the elliptical trainer to deliver low-impact, high-performance training and recovery from injury.

Kveta Peshke, Professional Tennis Player uses ElliptiGo during Rehabilitation
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Advantages of using ElliptiGO?

  • Low Impact exercise eliminates joint pain and stress
  • Quicker recovery allows longer and more intense training
  • Closest substitute for running outdoors and conditions similar muscles
  • Promotes strong core, balance and posture for better alignment
  • Weight Bearing exercise better maintains bone density
  • Cross training alternative to enhance training and decrease injury risk
  • Excellent impact-free cardiovascular training with superior calorie burn

Who would Benefit from ElliptiGO Training?

Recovery and Rehabilitation from an Injury
Cross Training for Injury Prevention
Weight Loss & Low Impact Cardiovascular Training
Preparing for your First outdoor Elliptigo Ride
Cycling Safety and Rules of the Road

See what medical experts and athletes are saying about innovative rehabilitation and training with the ElliptiGO

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