Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Looking for the edge or ways to prevention injuries? These sports performance services are available to professional, elite, collegiate and high school athletes to take your performance to the next level.

These programs are provided by the collaborative services of Lisa Chase, PT, OMPT and Nishin Tambay, MD. Find more information about Dr. Tambay here.

Injury Treatment and Prevention A New Paradigm

Injuries have a profound impact on the performance of a professional athlete. They can be one of the most challenging physical and mental demands an athlete can face. Many players compete with injuries and only get intermittent treatment, which over time can lead to serious injuries. Such injuries shorten careers and prevent athletes from fulfilling their potential.

Emerging evidence suggests injury risk is multi-factorial. The traditional approach of treating the injured body part alone does not address the complex factors involved in creating the injury and limiting recovery.

We believe that our specific combination of cutting edge medical and rehabilitative services developed through years of clinical experience, critical analysis and application of research supported models have a powerful effect leading to:

  • Rapid pain reduction and recovery from injuries
  • Reduced incidence of future injuries
  • Maintain a high performance throughout the season
  • Improved performance consistency over the season
  • Less burn out and longer careers

Treatment Model for the Injured Athlete

How are we different?

Our conclusion based on treating multiple professional athletes from various sports is that most athletes when injured, are evaluated by sports physicians and therapists who utilize the traditional medical model that focuses on assessing and treating only the injured body part. Very often this evaluation and treatment is completed at a tournament site where there is a limitation of time and lack of individualization. Additionally, extensive travel and interaction with different health care providers may compromise continuity of care. While this can certainly be valuable for short-term
improvement of symptoms, rapid pain relief and prevention of future injuries often does not occur. We believe that we can make a difference by providing continuity of care through our highly individualized approached throughout the season.

Our model consists of an innovative, eclectic and holistic approach to evaluate and treat professional athletes, which include:

  • Comprehensive orthopedic assessment
  • Assessment of global movement patterns
  • Assessment of spinal and joint movement patterns
  • Assessment of soft tissue patterns
  • Sports specific integration of all of the above
  • Unique application of acupuncture
  • Nutrition and stress reduction
  • Collaboration with other medical experts, the athlete and coach

Injury Expertise

  • Spine injuries including sprains, strains and disc herniation’s
  • Upper extremity injuries involving shoulder, elbow and wrist joints
  • Lower extremity injuries involving hip, knee, ankle joints
  • Abdominal and rib Injuries

Lisa Chase Works Courtside

Injury Prevention Model for The Healthy Athlete

Injury Prevention

Professional sports put high demands on an athlete’s body. Long hours of practice and competition, fitness training, travel, external pressures, environmental/surface changes are just a few challenges an athlete faces on a daily basis.

These repetitive stressors frequently lead to sensations of muscle tightness, joint stiffness, muscle aches and pains which are very often early warning signs for more serious injuries that can occur. It is common for athletes and coaches to ignore these signals as they are often considered to be “part of the sport”.

In fact, these warning signs closely correlate with abnormal movement patterns. Identifying these patterns in the healthy athlete is one of the most important strategies to prevent injuries from occurring.

Our unique program includes our comprehensive movement analysis supported by research and involves input from the player and coach in order to identify all risk factors. This program can be incorporated at any point in the season. Our recommendation is to do the initial assessment during the off-season and then utilize periodic reassessments and interventions to achieve peak performance for major tournaments.

Signature Services

Championship Package

This package includes a select number of services for annual membership fee.

  • Off season assessment and injury prevention/recovery
  • In-season injury prevention and treatment
  • Tournament Performance Services (includes 3 tournaments)

Al a-carte services which can be selected in any combination:

  • Off season assessment and injury prevention/recovery
  • In-season injury prevention and treatment
  • Tournament Performance Services

For further information about services and pricing, please contact Lisa Chase, PT, OMPT at 727-362-6866.