Body Reset & Regeneration

Body Reset & Regeneration

Did you know that many of the foods you eat everyday could be causing chronic, aggravating symptoms that leave you feeling sluggish and unwell? We unknowingly consume “toxic” food that can cause headaches, chronic allergy or flu-like symptoms, fatigue, indigestion and joint pain among other things.

Our bodies aren’t meant to process high-fructose corn syrup, factory-farmed meat, preservatives, hybridized wheat, hormone-injected dairy, GMO products, and artificial coloring in the quantities and combinations that we’re consuming them in now – and they are wreaking havoc on our gut health and overall wellbeing. Additionally, soy, corn, nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, etc.), alcohol, and processed sugar are also potential toxic triggers. These common triggers affect each person differently and can create food sensitivities in your body.

What Happens When You Consume Toxic Triggers?
What is the Body Reset and Regeneration Program?
Is the Body Reset and Regeneration Program Right for You?
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Hear what our clients have to say:

I recently completed the Body Reset and Regeneration Program and I feel amazing. I lost 1½ inches around my waist and 1 inch around my hips. My skin looks incredible and I have energy that not only sustains me throughout the day, but I wake up feeling refreshed. The program really helped me identify my relationship with food and I never felt hunger. The recipes were easy to follow and very satisfying, which kept me going all day. I now know which foods don’t agree with my body and how to sustain feeling fantastic for a lifetime. I can’t thank Megan Kahn, Back 2 Normal Health Coach and the Clean Team enough for their support and cheering me on to the finish line!”

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