First Year Success

12/10/13 11:57 pm


By: NewsLine

In Print: December 10, 2013

Just over a year ago, Lisa Chase moved into her new studio, Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy. Within that short span, her small business has experienced tremendous growth. Back 2 Normal has its roots in Lisa’s early physical therapy (PT) consulting practice, where she developed and marketed prog...

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08/02/13 7:39 pm

By NEWS-Line Publishing In Print: June 2013 Q: What motivated you to become a physical therapist? A: From the time I took my first biology and anatomy course back in high school, I was fascinated with science and the human body. Initially I didn’t attend college and studied to be an X-ray technician. I was fortunate to work in a sports...

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Hands-On Treatment and Empowering Exercise

08/02/13 6:48 pm

By Pat Grauer, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine In Print: Summer 2013 When MSUCOM initially decided to expand its manual medicine series to physical therapists, it engendered some controversy. Three decades later, the cadre of physical therapists with this training has provided both creativity in its use, and expanded access to OMM c...

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‘I couldn’t imagine my life without tennis’

11/05/12 7:46 pm

By:, Staff Writer Published: November 03, 2012 Kveta Peschke 37, Sarasota GOAL: To get back on the tennis court competitively, despite my serious injury. WHY I DID IT: In early 2009, I injured my rib while preparing for Wimbledon. After a four-week hiatus the pain had still not subsided, and I was deemed unable to return to ...

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St. Petersburg Times – How golfers can prevent back pain

05/06/11 3:31 pm

By Rodney Page, Times Staff Writer In Print: Thursday, May 5, 2011 Golf is not a contact sport. So why can the game be so physically painful sometimes? There is golfer's elbow, wrist problems, shoulder problems, hip problems and leg problems. But the most common physical problem is back pain. A swing starts and stops with back movement. ...

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