St. Pete Run Fest

Back 2 Normal’s beresponsibleTM campaign launched in January 2015. The campaign is about making choices, being intentional, proactive and creating the life you want by taking responsibility for it! Back 2 Normal plays a role in helping you achieve your best life.

As part of this program, Back 2 Normal is proud to support Healthy St. Pete, which is a citywide community engagement and empowerment initiative that helps our community eat, play, shop and live HEALTHIER.

“Back 2 Normal is a natural fit for the event and complements the Healthy St. Pete initiative and our mission to make this the best running event on the planet”, said Keith Jordan CEO of EndorFun Sports.

EndorFun Sports and Back 2 Normal are working together to create a truly unique recovery experience, led by Lisa Chase (PT, CFMM, OMPT,Astym Certified) and her highly skilled and experienced team. The “Back 2 Normal Recovery Zone” includes the latest in technology and treatments to ensure runners quicker recovery times.

The “Back 2 Normal Recovery Zone” will be unlike anything else in the running industry, combining innovative products in a truly immersive environment.

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June – July 2017

Nutrition for Running and Recovery

Competing in sport or engaging in intense workouts doesn’t give you the freedom to eat with abandon. Highly active people need to eat more nutrient-dense foods to help maximize the recovery process. If you’re serious about performing better & staying healthier, take heed of these tips to recover more efficiently & effectively, from the inside out.

Start with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Add in More Sulfur-Rich Foods
Get Plenty of Vitamin C
Amp up Essential Amino Acids
Boost Omega 3s with Fish Oil

With races to train for & personal records to hit, recovery is a must. If you live an active lifestyle, it’s critical to level up your diet to include more nutrient-dense foods. You’ll notice an increase in energy & improved recovery, along with all of the already obvious health benefits of a nutrient-rich diet. Give your body what it needs to protect, heal, repair & recover as quickly as possible.


Foot Health for Runners

Foot health is essential to healthy, high performance running. Your foot is a complex part of your body, built to carry your body with ease and agility. In fact, each foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments!

Do you know if your feet are serving you the best they could? Let’s find out!

Shoe Fit and Wear
Socks Matter Too!
Essentials of Foot Care
The Red Flags of Feet
If at any point, you continue to have persistent issues with foot pain with running, or just have questions, the best person to see is your local physical therapist! A physical therapist who has experience with runners is able to assess your running mechanics, shoe fit, and screen any aches and pains you may be experiencing during or surrounding your runs. Together, you can work to reduce your risk of injury, get out of pain, and become a better runner!

May-June 2017


MELTing over Melt: Improve your Running with this Revolutionary Self Care Technique



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Yoga for Runners

Yoga is a great tool to use before, during, and after a run. Before a run to lengthen and engage the muscles, deepen the breath, and prepare and calm the mind. During a run to maintain a deep and fluid breathing pattern and focused mindset. And after a run to calm the nervous system, stretch the body and recover.

Taking even a few yoga postures pre- and post-run, and especially on your recovery days, can prevent injury and allow you to run for longer without pain.

Here are 2 great poses for runners of all sorts:

Figure 4

April 2017

Sports Health: Are You Ready for Peak Performance?


Movement Practices for Runners:

Cross training, Core Training, Mindfulness, and Mobility

As the official sponsor of Run Fest, Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy is here to help you train, recover, and move your best as you prepare for November! Throughout the month of May, we’ll be sharing content on how you can perform at your best using movement practices and activities that help make you a better runner. Here’s a sneak peak:

Cross Training
Core Training