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Redox Signaling: Live healthier, age with vitality, and perform better, whatever your sport, with this cell rejuvenating technology.

12/14/15 5:01 pm | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

You probably know that your body is made up of trillions of cells, each functioning independently. They are literally the powerhouses and building blocks of our bodies! Much of the disease, injury, and general fatigue and malaise we experience is because our cells are not functioning and rejuvenating optimally and for many years much research ha...

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beReponsible for a Healthy St. Pete!

11/23/15 1:05 am | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

Back 2 Normal’s “BERESPONSIBLE” campaign was launched on January 9, 2015. The campaign has been such a success over the past 15 months that we will continue and expand “BERESPONSIBLE” during 2016 and beyond. Check out the details of the campaign at: Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.50.09 PM The campaign is about making choices,...

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beResponsible Spotlight: Suki

11/23/15 1:01 am | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

This month's BeResponsible Spotlight is Suki. Here is what Suki had to say about her progress working with Back 2 Normal following her hip replacement: beresponsible_web Four months after a total hip replacement at the Hospital for Special Surgery, I had finished my insurance supported physical therapy but knew I had not recovered 100% mobility for the new...

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Re-Train Your Brain with the Power of Scent

11/23/15 12:58 am | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace


How Your Sense of Smell Can Help You Control Your Emotions. Have you ever entered a room and been brought back in time by a scent, like pine trees or the smell of a classic perfume? This powerful neurological response is the product of your limbic system, a set of structures in your brain that play an integral role in mood, memory formatio...

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Essential Oils & Stress

11/20/15 7:35 pm | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

Have you ever entered a room and smelled something that seemed to bring you back in time? Those familiar smells trigger feelings and associations from the past because your brain, in particular the limbic system works closely with the olfactory system to connect your emotions with what you smell.  We can harness that powerful, biological phenome...

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