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That might not be a tendonitis: Why tendon pain doesn’t always mean stop moving

05/10/16 3:32 pm | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

In this new Google age, patients often present to their primary care physician or physical therapist with a good idea of what is going on to cause their pain. When a person is experiencing pain in or around a tendon that is irritated by activity and may be affecting their performance, they often come to the conclusion that they have tendonitis, ...

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#SHOP: Finding Healthy Alternatives in the St. Petersburg Community

03/28/16 1:45 am | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

A big part of Back 2 Normal’s #beresponsible campaign is making healthy choices in all facets of your life, including shopping. As part of our partnership with Healthy St. Pete, we’d like to incorporate their theme of #SHOP by continuing to bring you resources for shopping for healthy alternatives. What does “shopping for healthy alternative...

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#beresponsible: Pelvic Health

03/15/16 9:10 pm | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

Back 2 Normal’s #beresponsible campaign is all about empowering our clients and community to take control of their own health care and overall wellbeing. In honor of Women’s Health Month, which takes place every March, we hope to use this blog to spread awareness about how pelvic health can relate to injury risk. In fact, decreased pelvic floor ...

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Spring Cleaning for Your Body: learn how to help prevent injury as you kick up your training with the Functional Movement Screen

03/09/16 8:52 pm | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

As March begins, so does the beautiful weather in Florida and endless opportunities to kick your sport up a notch, try something new, or even get active for the first time. To prevent injury, however, you have to make sure your movement and activity habits are “clean.” That means practicing healthy habits and moving in a safe, effective, and fun...

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#beresponsible for your Back: Back Pain & Aerobic Exercise

03/08/16 2:42 pm | Posted By: Jocelyn Wallace

Did you know that up to 84% of adults will experience low back pain in their lifetime? In fact, at any point in time, 22% of the population is struggling with low back pain and 73% of those who resolve their pain will begin having pain again within the next year. Luckily, physical therapy is just as much preventative medicine as it is healing to...

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