beReponsible for a Healthy St. Pete!

11/23/15 1:05 am

Back 2 Normal’s “BERESPONSIBLE” campaign was launched on January 9, 2015. The campaign has been such a success over the past 15 months that we will continue and expand “BERESPONSIBLE” during 2016 and beyond. Check out the details of the campaign at:

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The campaign is about making choices, being intentional, being proactive and creating the life you always wanted by taking responsibility for that life! We know that the “BERESPONSIBLE” campaign made a difference for hundreds of you from the calls, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts/likes, photos and other forms of contact that you have been sending to us since last January.

Now WE are going to ask YOU to “BERESPONSIBLE” for the place so many of us call home, work and play……the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.

Did you know that St. Petersburg has a citywide community engagement and empowerment initiative that will help our community eat, play, shop and live HEALTHIER? It is called “Healthy St. Pete” and you can learn about the initiative here:

We are proud to announce that our very own Lisa Chase has been asked by the Deputy Mayor to join the Community Leadership Board for “Healthy St. Pete!”

As a member of the board, Lisa will help guide the initiatives and development of the programs that comprise the “Healthy St. Pete” initiative. Lisa will work collectively with members of the leadership board, the City of St. Pete and the Healthy St. Pete Ambassadors to bring more awareness to “Healthy St. Pete’s” efforts to help the residents of and visitors to St. Petersburg.

This initiative will be a great resource for residents and visitors to St. Pete as well as Back 2 Normal clients to explore the ample health and wellness offerings of our beautiful city. Watch for more information on our blog, our Facebook page, and our other social media outlets.