Prof. Mark E Batt

05/06/11 2:59 pm

“I worked with Lisa for several years as part of the medical team at The Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Lisa was fabulous to work with and is greatly missed by us all – doctors and players alike. She has fantastic energy, precision and a genuine commitment to excellence in patient care. She is a skilled therapist who is very comfortable as pa...

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Margaret Rush

05/06/11 2:58 pm

“My neck and shoulder pain was rather chronic in nature. To this day, I can’t quite understand how I got in such a mess. For three years I dealt with left scapular pain that seemed to grab my neck as well as the muscles in my shoulder and under my left arm. I spent a lot of the time lying down on the floor to try and relax my muscles. Simple ho...

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Jose Delgado

05/06/11 2:57 pm

“Ms. Chase is one of those few professionals that understand what athletes need. For us is not simply treating the symptoms but finding the cause, preventing it from happening again and helping us to stay in peak condition. She provides all of these services while working on a one on one basis in a low key, friendly, and helpful environment.“ ...

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Veronica Byers

02/13/12 9:54 pm

"I was able to train for and finish my Half Ironman Race with no ITB pain. Thanks so much for all your help!" — Veronica Byers

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