Serena Williams

02/11/15 12:00 am

"I worked with Lisa on the tour for over 10 years and can attribute a lot my physical well being to her work. Because of Lisa, I'm sure many injuries were prevented and those that did happen saw a quick recovery time. Her technique of using a holistic approach and addressing the body as a whole improved my overall abilities on the court. Physi...

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Emma De Groot

02/11/15 4:11 pm

"After suffering an almost career ending car accident in 2011, I thought I had tried everything and everyone to get my body, especially my back to a place where I could compete at the highest level. At the time I played on the Symetra Tour (the secondary tour to the LPGA) and my physical limitations saw it difficult for me to maintain any sort...

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Welcome to Back 2 Normal’s First #TransformationTuesday featuring our Performance for Life Program client, Roberta.

09/09/14 5:06 pm

Roberta first came to Back 2 Normal and met with owner Lisa Chase to discuss her lifestyle and wellness goals. Robert is an avid dancer and wanted to improve her overall fitness level and prevent injuries. She was looking for an easy to manage program that would get her results. During her time at Back 2 Normal she was partnered with Performa...

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Billie Jean King

05/06/11 8:52 pm

“In Lisa's nearly nine years on the WTA Tour I have been constantly impressed by dedication to her craft, compassion and strong desire to achieve excellence. Her caring nature and willingness to go above and beyond to help athletes is unparalleled. She takes the time to educate us about injuries and teaches us how to prevent them. Tennis playe...

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Rennae Stubbs

05/06/11 8:30 pm

“I am a 20 year veteran on the WTA Tour still competing at the highest level, one of the reason I have been able to maintain that level is due to the incredible physiotherapy I received over the years from Lisa Chase. Lisa is a dedicated and thoughtful therapist, who takes the time to not only to get to know your body and what makes it functio...

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