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Back 2 Normal now offers many wellness and health products to help you achieve optimal health and performance. Check out links below to learn more.

Metagenics Nutritional Support

Metagenics offers a full suite of science-based nutritional support products including GI and gut health, inflammation reduction, and improved vitality. All Metagenics products are built to help support a healthier, happier version of you. Click the button below to visit our Mutagenics store and learn more!

ASEA Redox Supplement

Asea Redox Supplement is a daily, drinkable supplement that uses redox signaling technology to help your cells, the building blocks of your body, function optimally and restore your body naturally from the inside out. Only 4 oz. a day can be enough to enhance your wellness and vitality. Read more about Asea here.

Order Asea Redox Supplement on our online store.

Protein for Runners

Protein is crucial to the regulation and maintenance of the body and plays a role in building and repairing muscle fibers, fluid balance (hydration anyone?), hormone and enzyme production, and maintain a healthy immune system. As a runner, it’s likely you need more protein intake than the average individual. Most people naturally consume enough protein, but are you consuming high quality protein that is enhancing your recovery? If your protein sources are not adequate, you may start to feel fatigued, have a slow rate of recovery and/or increase your risk of injury.

Intake: Aim for a daily intake of at least 0.55-0.77 grams/lb (aim for the upper end of the spectrum during times of heavy training and racing). If you weigh 130 pounds, aim for approximately 72-100 grams of protein a day; a 195-pound runner will need to aim for approximately 107-123 grams/day. As a rule of thumb, the body can only absorb about 30 grams of protein at a time. And remember, not all protein is created equally. The best suggestion is to eat from a variety of sources, including lean meats and fish (if you consume animal products), legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and greens.


Recovery: As much as is focused on how much, an equally important factor is the timing and quality of protein intake. It’s imperative to refuel with a snack or beverage within 30-minutes post-workout. Research supports that a 3:1 to 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is the most effective combination of macronutrients to support glycogen replenishment, as well as muscle tissue repair. Then a higher protein source can be consumed 1-2 hours post-workout as a meal or snack. Looking for a high-quality recovery drink and/or protein supplement? Back 2 Normal is an official retailer of Vega brand supplements and products designed to enhance performance and recovery for athletes – their sport line is optimal for post-workout beverages and protein supplementation.


Energy System: Additionally, the intensity of your workout will drive your energy expenditures. Intense, short bursts (interval training) will primarily use fast burning carbohydrates whereas longer duration, lower intensity runs will use more fat and protein as energy. During your different training cycles, you may need to adjust your protein intake.

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If you want to learn more about protein for runners and/or Vega products, call Back 2 Normal at 727-362-6866 to schedule a session with their Integrative Health Coach. Additionally, checkout Back 2 Normal’s monthly topic on protein: click here!

[x]temp cooling system

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Reduce inflammation and promote faster healing by using [x]temp cooling system- This cooling system uses unique technology coveted by professional athletes to get the edge over their competitors. Now sold at Back 2 Normal come check out how this easy tool can make the difference for your recovery.



Tower Garden

The Tower Garden is a unique vertical gardening system that makes it easy for people to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home. The Tower Garden utilizes a state-of-the-art aeroponics system to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers more efficiently and economically than traditional gardening. Because of its compact vertical design and unique technology, the Tower Garden uses less than 10% of the water and land required by traditional, soil based agriculture. Thus, people can improve their health and the health of their families by growing and eating more fruits and vegetables – and supporting the “local” movement by eating from “tower to table”.

The aeroponic system eliminates the need for insecticides, herbicides and pesticides, resulting in healthier food – and the ability to eat food at its peak ripeness – as opposed to the fruit or vegetable being picked before ripeness and traveling many miles to reach you – meaning your body is getting the most amount of nutrients in your hand picked produce. The Tower Garden fits easily on most decks, porches, patios, balconies, terraces, rooftop gardens and can even be grown indoors! It is also made from USDA approved, UV stabilized, food grade plastic.

To learn more about growing your own garden and how to purchase, check out more information.

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