Elbow Pain: How ASTYM Can Help

05/18/16 3:37 pm

Elbow pain is a common complaint of many tennis and golf players. Commonly known as “tennis elbow” and “golfer’s elbow,” these conditions are typically a tendinopathy of one of the shared tendons of the forearm muscles. These tendinopathies are typically caused by improper loading and degeneration of the tendon. Over time, the tendon fibers become abnormally arranged and no longer respond to motion the way that they are intended to, causing a vicious cycle of pain and dysfunction. You can think of the fibers of an impaired tendon like a bowl spaghetti, while a normal tendon is aligned with its fibers in parallel. Restoring this normal fiber alignment is critical for healing chronic tendon problems.CU arm 3 H

Typically, golf and tennis elbow is treated with soft tissue techniques, exercise, stretching, and retraining the loading of the tendon. For many patients and physical therapists, however, this treatment strategy can be incomplete. Tendon injuries continue to recur, the elbow pain returns, and nothing seems to heal completely.  At Back 2 Normal, we have recently added a new service known as ASTYM to our box of tools for fighting tendinopathies. In cases of chronic elbow pain seen in tennis and golf players, this treatment approach has yielded great results, helping to reduce pain and prevent recurrence of pain.

ASTYM is a soft tissue technique designed to stimulate healing of tendons via the body’s natural processes. Remember the spaghetti analogy? ASTYM’s approach works to stimulate tendon fibers to re-align, accept work loads appropriately, and begin functioning the way they were meant to work. This creation of healthy tissue is what sets ASTYM apart from traditional treatments for elbow tendon pain, it is regenerative medicine for therapy!


Questions about ASTYM for elbow or another tendon pain? Check out our website, or B2N’s feature article in Tampa Bay Tennis Magazine or contact Back 2 Normal at (727) 362-6866.